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Brazil, first entry

Anis ngan Ayeh De
Anis ngan Ibu
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We, as a human can make plans and have dreams, but in the end we can do no more and no less than what God intends. God has a purpose for each of us and a plan to use each of us.

Me and my husband have planned for a trip to Europe next week. He has a meeting to attend and I am taking this opportunity to join him there. But, for God faith, my company requested me to go onsite for two months. And to be more interesting, the departure is just 5 days before my Europe Trip!. Well, this is called Life. And Life is real.You want some, you will lose some. Thats the fact that I have to accept. Thank God that my ticket can be opened with RM100 fee and valid for 3 months from the date of departure. Somemore, my accomodation is free. The only thing that cant be recovered is Ryanair return ticket for London-Salzburg and also Eurostar return ticket Paris-London.

And today, instead of cool weather of winter dream vacation, here I come to this Summer wet season of a country called BRAZIL.

I arrived at KLIA at 8.30pm. After check in, proceed to McD to have fried chicken while waiting for my brother coming all the way from Melaka to wave me goodbye. Me and two other colleagues Azhar and Khing sit in a row number 59D, E and G in this Dutch Royal KLM Airline. This 12hrs journey gaves us 2 times heavy meals of scrambler egg with sausage and hash brown and combination of Salad and Soup. KLM also has lite meals like intsant noodles, snacks and ice-cream all the way the journey.

We arrived at Amsterdam one hour ahead of scheduled around 4.39am local time.The temperature outside was so cold around 0’C. We dont dare to go outside, some more we dont have that bulu-bulu sweater to protect the cold. Me and Khing were not very lucky as we had been hold at the immigration officer to verify our travel document. But finally they let us go after few conversation with none-understand Dutch language.

Schipol, one of the biggest airport in Europe Region. But, unlike KLIA, the internet is not FREE. We have to pay like 6.00Euro per 30 minutes. Well, I rather save the money for something else. So, after hanging around at Mc D, we went to Mediation Centre to pray. We were too tired so we went to boarding gate at gate F7 for Sao Paulo and had some rest there.

Again, another long hour of journey to be faced. The journey took us approaximaly 12 hours to reach Sao Paulo. Same to previous flight, KLM served us with 2 heavy meals. This time I go for Pasta and some soup. After crossing the Atlantic Sea, the passenger need to be seated all the time with belt fastened. The weather was not so good with Thunder Storm, Air Turbulence and cloudy. I couldnt hardly sleep along the journey.

We arrived Sao Paulo at 18.50pm. Again seemed that I am not lucky this time as well. They hold me for something suspicious in my backpack. Well, after searching, they let me go with no reason at all. From my understanding, the cutleries which I took from the plane caused them so. In order to avoid any trouble at Rio, I throw away that thing.

Next connection flight operated by Tam Linhas, a Brazillian domestic flight. They didnt served any food except 3 pieces of sweets. Well, my stomach was trumbling upside down inside. Wished can reached Rio de Janerio earlier to have my dinner.

But, again here on arrival, the person who supposed to pick us up was not there. I tried to reach Bruno, our Project Manager. But he was not the one we supposed to meet. As the name served the title, Brunor has done great job for us. He arranged us a taxi to our Hotel somewhere in CopaCabana.Since none of us chnage the Euros into Reall, I used my credit card to pay the taxi. Khing got chance to change 100Euros at the taxi booth but the rest of us not so confident to do so.

100 Euro = 310.468 Brazilian Real

The hotel that we are staying is called Real Residence Hotel. Both me and Azhar got service appartment with kitchen and small cozy living room. But Khing has to wait for tommorow to change his room to a bigger one. This hotel is so decent compared the one we had in Germany. The condition not so good as the furnitures are quite old and the air-condition at the type of 60’s. Well, we cant say much, this is Brazil not Germany!. Me and Khing managed to get some meals for Dinner(or Supper) and it costs us R12.50 each. The environment is not very frindly as they dont speak English. They dont understand even the word “fish”. Well, we supposed not to say anything of this country as we have to get use in this culture for the next two momnths.

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2008


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Satu Malam di hari raya

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Garden make over part II

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Orga Office Launching

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